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Pharmacy Voice Technology

In the new age of pharmacy the phone has become an integral portion of business that is often overlooked. We offer a wide variety of telephone solutions from the very basic music on hold system to the more intricate IVR system.

Music on Hold:

Pharmacy phones can ring off the hook! Placing customers on hold is always a last resort for any Pharmacist, but in this day and age it may be the only option that you have. With music on hold you:

  • Transform silence into sales! When a customer is placed on hold, instead of dead silence they can now listen to promotions and specials that you have in your pharmacy. It not only eases the inconvenience of being on hold but also generates into sales and a more positive environment.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR):

Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone system that helps direct phone traffic in your pharmacy. With IVR you can:

  • Set up custom greetings and prompts
  • Take the burden off the Pharmacist and the Doctor by having a dedicated mailbox for refill messages
  • Automate your refill system where patients can enter the prescription numbers that they would like refilled and transmit that to your fulfillment system

IVR has many other features and is a great way to increase productivity, profitability and accountability in the work place!

Voice Over IP:

Cut costs on your phone bill by using our voice over IP system! With voice over IP:

  • Calls are routed through the internet rather than the phone company leading to much lower costs
  • Statistics such as call times, response times and costs are easily accessible

These features and many others are available through PTR. Turn your phones from an expense into a profit center by contacting us today!